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Qualified Plan Administrators Inc.

     As an independent, non-producing TPA, we have the ability to offer Retirement Plan Consulting and Plan Administration Services for almost any provider that best suits the employer and their needs. Our independence and industry experience enable us to offer our clients advice while remaining objective in our recommendations.    

     QPA administers and provides complete documentation and administration for the following types of plans and allocations:


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  • 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans

  • Safe Harbor Match or Non-elective Contributions

  • Triple-Stacked Match Contributions

  • New Comparability/Cross-Tested Profit Sharing 

  • Age-Weighted Allocations

  • Integrated Profit Sharing 

  • Pro-Rata Profit Sharing 

  • 403(b) Plans

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans

  • Defined Benefit Plans

  • Cash Balance Plans

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